Nuova Isma is certified by SGS in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 standards (certificate No. IT14/0932)

The production department is equipped for the certification of its mechanical executions with:

  • Autoclave for pressure test in spinning phase
  • Autoclave for vibration system test
  • Apparatus for trials in cyclic pressure
  • Structure with tank for agitation trials, mixer with computerized turbine
  • Computerized skid units
  • Destructive and not destructive test

All the weldings, manufactures and the proceedings are certified EN (PED) and ASME, or as by customer request (S.Q.L.O. for China, K.S.G.C. for Chorea, GOST for Russia).




Assurances / Guarantees

All the technical documentation is issued according to the European Codes EN and ASME and According to PED, ATEX codes.
Quality is a company policy.


Not destructive and destructive according to ISO, EN and ASME codes.

In particular:

  • Dye penetrant and X-ray examination
  • Visual (or remote by videoscope) and dimensional test
  • Pressure test
  • Spectometries on materials
  • Loss of charge test
  • Efficiency test