NUOVA ISMA SRL is born more than 50 years ago as the mechanical core of BIAZZI’s technologies.
Since than we are producing equipments and machines in stainless steel, in special alloys and Nickel alloys, for:

  • chemical,
  • pharmaceutical,
  • cosmetics
  • food processing industries.

Today, we can claim that Nuova Isma’s name together with Biazzi’s name are present all over the world with equipments and single machines for:

  • packing lines,
  • pressure vessels,
  • reactors,
  • tanks,
  • mixers,
  • heat exchangers,
  • sterilizers,
  • hydrogenation and drying equipments,
  • ecological adsorption columns
  • distillation columns.

High technology, precision, reliability and safety are ranking our products on the top of the world market.


The plant is developed on 8000 m², 3500 of which are covered, and it’s equipped with a crane system that carries up to 120 tons.
The acquired experience and the continuous research for new technologies allows Nuova Isma to produce equipments of high precision and reliability.


Nuova Isma is always searching for the most innovative materials, in order to guarantee to its customers the realization of equipments of first class technology, with a particular attention to reach the highest efficiency and quality.
All Nuova Isma’s products are realized from its own design or from its customer’s and are always checked and certified by analysis, tests and FEM calculations.

Nuova Isma in the world